Winston TL
First Time Fantasy

 Your blood begins to pulse
            Against my pelvic bone.
Left side.
                                    I grew an inch too and
                                                           Turned right
Out of nerves
Out of surprise.

CH. 1:
   Touch it, please.
            Move a quarter inch
            of finger
To.. slowly. climb up the vein.
            Then make chopsticks
            Grab both sides of
   Retain the gradual pace;
   The story’s just begun.

CH. 2:
I decided no anal only oral.

CH. 3:
Tip of the tongue on the
Tip of the head!
Yes! Just the tip to
            maybe dip!
  into the miniscule but
            BellowiNG hole –
It’s a well!
It’s well, it’s swell Swell SWELL
And and, and lifting into –

CH. 4:
Ephemeral clouds,
You inadvertently invite a laying
With natural effortless pure tranquil.
Or, was this your intention?
A trap?! Temporary bliss?
To dissipate and crush
                                               My bones against stone
I keep mindful now.
Of emotions and touch.
Memories and making love.

There were lessons learned
Along the Way
                        With you.
                        (And You)
Tonight’s interactions are done.
A rest is ready. Come.

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