We met as students of Goddard College’s MFA program and immediately knew we were meant to collaborate. Passionate about LGBTQIA++ issues, we decided to start a literary journal for those, like us, with unique experiences within queer communities– stories and perspectives that are often overlooked or go unpublished. We wanted to create a space for literary voices that live in between– however that might manifest for writers who are marginalized within the marginalized. So, inBetween Literary Journal was born.   


Kae winter


Co-founder // Senior editor

Raised in New England and a constant seeker of life experience, Kae has worn many hats. As a poet, LGBTQIA++ community arts facilitator, lesbian-parent-by-choice, paramedic/firefighter, she observes the world through many lenses. In her spare time she enjoys acting as heavy machinery with her truck-loving toddler, creating time with her beautiful friends, coffee and food hunting,  being near water, and all the passion with all the poetry. 

Brooklyn baggett


co-founder // senior editor

Raised in Tupelo, MS. Transplanted to St. Louis where she received her English literature B.A. at St. Louis University. Spent 25 years there before moving to New York with her wonderful wife, Cora. They have a loving, brainiac son, Nicholas,  currently studying physics and addicted to aerial silks. Transitioned at 42. Poet. Photographer. Mother. 17 years as a recovering addict. Girlfriend to an amazing woman, Bonnie. Flawed human trying to do something positive in this world.  Constitutionally incapable of not being herself. 

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