Isaiah Vianese
Back in My Body

The holidays came and went.
Grandma died and we laid her to rest.
            Snow fell. I flew home to the city and slept.
            You sent flowers so I would
“have something beautiful to come home to.”
Those pink lilies smiled on the table for weeks.
            I felt under water, but slowly the tide changed.
            One night, I dreamt of you.
In the dream, I laid my head on your chest.
You sighed in that gorgeous way you do–
            like a cat purring.
            Then you lifted your head to kiss me,
and we lingered in that place
as you held me close.
            In the morning, standing naked in the kitchen,
            waiting for the kettle to sing,
I felt back in my body again–
my lips, my chest, my ass,
            my cock firm from sleep,
            my feet cold on the tile floor.
I felt planted in this vessel–
sweet with memory, hopeful again.

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