Jacqueline Goldfinger
Ask me any question that reminds me of you

or that doesn’t remind me of you but reminds me of us of picnic grass firm breasts that time we
                                                                misdirection is okay too did
                                                                   you want to adopt a puppy or
                                                                                 did I and
                                                                   whose prom dress fit
                                                                                 better and
                                                                  did the punks with the gangrene tattoo every apologize at that
                                                                  concert that one time or did you even want them too I
                                                                                 remember both but      that can’t be right can
but whatever you do do not stop talking i think to myself just
               listen please because whatever you say evaporates our
                            love if it does not thread us together like
                                         that ragdoll your grandma gave you on
                                                     your eighth birthday and that I accidently
                                                                   washed when you wanted to keep it
                                                                                smelly because it wore the last of grammy’s perfume
                                          just please
ask me anything except what we really need to talk about

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